Friday, September 21, 2012

N. Family

Meet N. family from Eagle Mountain. It is nice not to have to drive for an hour just to get to a photo shoot. This was just right here in Silverlake. We had such a fun night with the N. Family Wednesday evening. They were amazing with their very energetic little girls.

Miss. M did not want anything to do with me, but in Dad's hands she was herself.

Such beautiful sisters.

Oh, those blue eyes.

I love this. Dad is definetly waiting for something more then a pat on the chin, don't you think?

 Yep, he was right... they both were squishing his nose like there is no tomorrow.

 Well, kiss sure makes it all better.

 I love it when we forget about posing and get all these candid shots,, it is really my favorite.

 Yey, we got a smile.

Miss. K, such a cutie.

I was just thinking that this family did a great job with colors. Isn't it nice to get your Christmas Pictures done before it gets too cold?

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