Monday, September 24, 2012

New Locations for Fall Family Photography

I just wanted to let all the people who like to do family pictures with fall colors. WELL,

This is a crazy busy time of the year for me! I am going to be doing some sessions at Little Cottonwood Canyon Friday the 28th! I have a couple spots open if anyone wants a mini shoot or a full family shoot.

I will also be doing sessions at Sundance Tuesday afternoon Sept 2. One session is left available.

Friday Oct 5th, Big Cottonwood Canyon sessions start at 4 pm.

Fall season is beautiful but it also is fast and tricky. It will give me a week or so to do all the fall shoots and then the color is dull and the leaves are off. So, if the Fall colors is what you want for your family photo shoot, don't wait! Call me today to reserve your spot and to talk about other locations that will be available!

The session costs are $150 for a 30-40 min mini session
$200 for a full session up to 6 people (1,5h)
$250 for a full 1,5 hour session for single families 6 and up
and $300 for an extended family shoot that will include up to three families.

Full sessions include family photos with various poses. Single family photos. Groups and individuals. It also includes all (not all I took) GOOD pictures from your shoot and the permission to print.

Friday, September 21, 2012

N. Family

Meet N. family from Eagle Mountain. It is nice not to have to drive for an hour just to get to a photo shoot. This was just right here in Silverlake. We had such a fun night with the N. Family Wednesday evening. They were amazing with their very energetic little girls.

Miss. M did not want anything to do with me, but in Dad's hands she was herself.

Such beautiful sisters.

Oh, those blue eyes.

I love this. Dad is definetly waiting for something more then a pat on the chin, don't you think?

 Yep, he was right... they both were squishing his nose like there is no tomorrow.

 Well, kiss sure makes it all better.

 I love it when we forget about posing and get all these candid shots,, it is really my favorite.

 Yey, we got a smile.

Miss. K, such a cutie.

I was just thinking that this family did a great job with colors. Isn't it nice to get your Christmas Pictures done before it gets too cold?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Meet M. Family

Last week-end I got a chance to meet a beautiful M. family in SLC. I fell in love with the family and their kids.

I had a lot of fun with three year old Mr. A, he showed me how to play basketball. Let me tell you, this boy knows how to make a basket!

Way to go, Mr. A. isn't he so cute?

Those blue eyes get me every time. I can tell you know he is going to be a heart breaker.

Miss. A was such a sweetie! She did so good for her pictures! We got her nice and pretty tired after the photo shoot that she went straight to bed.

I remember pictures of my first baby girl at the same age, she looked so much like Miss. A, it must be the age. Six years later she is treasuring this picture in her room and does not let me put it away.
With little kids time goes by very fast, it is so nice to have reminders of what our kids looked like when they were little. Sometimes I wish I had a picture of every face they pulled, every cereal bowl they spilled. Their chubby cheeks and legs become skinny too fast.

Miss. E is two years old

Remember Miss E. from Last year? Well, this year she is two.

Miss E. gets cuter with each year. I love all the things we did for this shoot, it was a lot of fun.

One year old

Cute little miss was just one years old! I had a hard time making her smile. After about an hour of efforts, we decided to bring in her Birthday cake!!! Such a fun shoot!!!

I consider that a smile, cake did the trick, yey for cakes.