Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Sessions!!!

This fall season has been one of my most busiest! I have met so many beautiful families and saw so many friends i haven't seen in a while. What a fun season!!! Thanks you for all my fans who keep me in this business.

I can't wait to edit more of this little girl, her Mom and aunt!

C. Family. you guys ROCK!

I have some fun edits to get to! This is going to be one fantastic post!

C. Family. it was great seeing you again!

W.Family, you guys are so cute!

Mr. A is a charmer.

A. and E. Engagements

These two are so beautiful together!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Special !!!

If you still haven't done your big family picture for the holidays, here is an offer for you. For an extended family up to 16 people I am offering a 2 and a half hour photo shoot for $400. If is only $25 a person. You can add or subtract up to 5 people ($25 per person).

Note: A single family shoots are $150 and up.

You will get up  to 2,5 hour with the photographer, all good pictures of families and groups plus copyright release.

Hurry up and make your appointment before it is too cold!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr. N

I loved taking pictures of this little boy from the time he was born. 
Mr. N's parents truly cherish every milestone and every change that happens with your baby when he is growing.


Three months

Nine months

One year

Fall family photos are so much fun! I love my job, because it gives me the change to hang out with some great families and I get to enjoy the outdoors as well. Who can wish for more, really?

And eighteen months

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

C. Family. Little Cottonwood Canyon photo shoot.

This Fall season has bees super busy and fun. I love hanging out at the Canyons while I am doing my job. This year was the year of the Canyons shoots for sure. I felt like I was there couple time a week, ether shooting photos or bringing my own family to enjoy the beauty.

W. Family. I love these guys! I started doing their kids pictures three years ago. I still remember tiny little Mr. C. He was my first newborn that rolled over from the chest right unto the ground during his newborn shoot. His parents handled it a lot better then I did. 
This full of live little boy was showing his personality from the time he was just a newborn. Now Mr. C is a big boy, he did really good for family pictures 2012.

 Miss S. Such a doll. I think she is starting to like me, maybe.

 It was one minute after this shot that these two rolled unto the ground together. I don't handle falls well as a photographer should. Now, I am thinking it would have been fun to see one picture how they fell. My motherly instincts kick in and I am going to the risque.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

W. Family Fall photo shoot

This year W. Family did not want to be freezing in 20 degree December weather so they booked their session right at the beginning of the Fall. Smart choice. We had a lot of fun at Sundance in Provo Canyon.

Fall season is so sticky sometimes. It is colorful and beautiful, but it also is very fast and moving.
The colors have changed just in a week, after we did pictures at Sundance.

So if you are thinking to do Fall Family pictures with colors of the fall, you need to hurry, the leaves at the canyons will only last maybe another week.

So be sure to call for appointment today. I try to make myself available, but I can only do so much.