Saturday, October 14, 2017

Flagstaff Fall Photography

Everybody knows that Fall in Flagstaff is absolutely beautiful! There is one of my fall sessions so far with M. Family. I absolutely love how they turned out.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Newborn photography, Flagstaff. AZ

Another beautiful S. Family welcomed a new baby girl.

 Taking pictures of the first baby always reminds me why I started doing photography. As a Mom with my first baby about being born, we bought our first digital camera on one of those after Thanksgiving sales. We were so excited, it had so many megapixels, it was suppose to take amazing pictures on the day my first daughter was born (12 years ago), and it did not. All photos were blurry and horrible quality. The only pictures from my daughter's birth that worked out were those from our relatives that came to visit. I was upset and disapointed. I have always loved photography ever since I was a little girl, I often had my camera with me. Only now decades later, with one of my best friend suddenly passing away you realize how important those memories and photos are to you. Time does that. Doesn't it?

So that's what started this whole photography pursuit. I started with simple things, experimenting with what I had first, then learning more once I got my first DSLR camera. My children have definitely been an inspiration to me to do better pictures. My love of new life and new babies, expanded my ability to learn to photograph newborns, which is a completely different from any other photography that I have done. But I love it and happy to be able to provide quality photographs for families to treasure.

Flagstaff Newborn Photography

I am so excited to be doing more newborn sessions in Flagstaff,AZ. Moving from another state has been hard, all my clients want me to do sessions but I have to travel to Utah. But recently I had my loyal clients come all the way from New Mexico for another newborn shoot, this time for their son.

Mr. J and his family are one beautiful family that I will always remember.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter Wonderland Flagstaff Family Photography

This winter in Flagstaff has been most beautiful ever since we lived here. So as soon as we got the snow it it was snowing for quite awhile. I couldn't wait to get some shots done in the snow. If you are dressed right you can get some awesome and fun pictures done with all that snow.

Flagstaff in the Fall, what can I saw but WOW!!!
 You only get a couple of weeks of this bright vibrant color before it all falls off, but the drive to the mountains is so worth this beauty!

 Meet beautiful D. Family. 

Meet B. Family. We had so much fun shooting these.