Monday, February 6, 2017

Winter Wonderland Flagstaff Family Photography

This winter in Flagstaff has been most beautiful ever since we lived here. So as soon as we got the snow it it was snowing for quite awhile. I couldn't wait to get some shots done in the snow. If you are dressed right you can get some awesome and fun pictures done with all that snow.

Flagstaff in the Fall, what can I saw but WOW!!!
 You only get a couple of weeks of this bright vibrant color before it all falls off, but the drive to the mountains is so worth this beauty!

 Meet beautiful D. Family. 

Meet B. Family. We had so much fun shooting these.

Before the Snow, Flagstaff Family Photography

Flagstaff, AZ is this beautiful pretty much anywhere you go. We did these pictures with our neighbors just in our neighborhood.

Winter Family Photography Sessions in Flagstaff, AZ

Moving to Flagstaff as a Photographer was a dream come true. From wildflower fields in the summer, so beautiful fall and through winter wonderland, taking pictures here is more enjoyable than ever. I am definitely discovering new beautiful places so close to home.

For C. Family sessions we did not really go anywhere but stayed at the house for the convenience of the baby, I still love how they turned out.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Utah Photography Mini sessions.

It is so nice to go back to Utah and see all my old and new friends and do their family pictures. I had a lot of fun this July and so pleased how they all turned out.

These are of my good old friend and her beautiful M. Family!

 Another best friend and her beautiful family of four. Love you guys.

 Miss. A has always been one of my best models, that's for sure. You never disappoint!

 I love doing pictures with gorgeous S. Family. Mrs. I really has an eye for great outfits for her kids every session!

 And this is not all, more pictures from my Utah sessions are still to come!