Monday, August 27, 2012

M. and J. sneak peak

Congratulations Miss M. and Mr. J !!! They are married!!! What a fun and beautiful couple!!! They were so  fun and easygoing, I absolutely LOVED sharing their wedding day with them...

Little sneak peak of what to come, I couldn't wait till the end of editing to share...

This is my wedding #2 with the Clayton family. Let me tell you, I can't wish for the more fun family to work with. Such a fun group.

They were so easy to pose, you tell them what to do and they were very natural at it

Now, all the kids in Clayton family are married except one... no no pressure Mr. S.

But if you want to be kissing with the rest of the family- marriage is the way to go.

These are only some of many nieces of the groom and the bride

Thursday, August 16, 2012

E and J engagements

WE had a lot of fun with this couple at Wheeler Farms. Everyone meet Miss. E and Mr. J. 
Congratulations on putting the date on your big event!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New photography policy

Not everyone might like this change, but it was long coming. Here are the changes :

1. With every session I am going to be requiring a $25 nonrefundable deposit for individual and family sessions and $100 deposit for wedding sessions. It is still OK to reschedule your appointment, but if you change your mind it is non refundable.

2. I am no longer offering ALL good pictures from your session. The reason is "All good pictures" has a different meaning to different people. Some understand it is only all GOOD images, you know print worthy, others think it is all of the ones that I have taken Like 300 from a 2 hour session. Now if you don't know just minimally editing 300 pictures (that only means, brightening and sharpening) will take me 25 hours (5 min per picture). So from now on, I will be giving only print worthy set limit of pictures. I am going to try to get you the best that I can do, sometimes if your children cooperate it might be more, but it will depend on each individual case.

3. If with the pictures you got you wanted me to do a different edit it will cost $5 per picture.

4. If you need a copyright for another person it costs $30.

For Weddings, Bridals and Engagement sessions

The same rules apply here as well.

I will be offering specially made invitations for $75. This will come with 3 revisions ( this means I can only change the things in your invitation up to three times, unless I make a typo or another mistake). Please, prepare your wording carefully so that you don't use up your revisions on things that you haven't thought of before.

I will not be redoing your invitation if the printing place wants a border around it that I did not know about before. Please plant ahead.

I will not be giving RAW files to any client even friends. Thanks you for our understanding.