Thursday, December 15, 2011

Charity Drive

This upcoming spring my family is planning on visiting my home country Ukraine. Life is different there. A lot of necessary things that are a given here are hard to come by in Ukraine. My Mom is a medical doctor in Ukraine, I hear a lot about very sick kids who are in need of a very expensive drugs that manufactured in U.S. but of cores they can't afford it. I know I won't have enough means to get everyone everything they need, but I thought I would start somewhere and do something.

I hear and participate in Charity Drives in Eagle Mountain community all the time. I love how people here come together to help those who are in need. Well, someone  who is in need here in U.S. is different from people in need in Ukraine.
That is why I wanted to do this Drive where I will donate 50% of all the proceeds that I will make in the months on February and March to the families are truly in need and to those kids in the orphanages and hospitals. After I come back I will share pictures of what we did with the money and who we helped.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mr. T

Mr. T is the son of my good old friend Kristina back from collage. Kristina is from Moscow and was one of the international students at BYU with me. We did a lot of things together and now we have sons of the same age.
I remember taking Mr. T's newborn pictures like it was yesterday. Now a year later we meet again to see how much this little cutie has grown.

So here is Mr. T

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Special is here!!!

This Holiday Season I wanted to do something special and offer Great Discounts. So here they are:

For Extended Family Pictures I am offering $25 per person fee (usually $30). This session will include a family picture of the whole family, family pictures of each individual family, groups AND individual pictures of each person and child.