Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby C.

Last week I did a newborn session here in Eagle Mountain, woo-hoo. I love doing photo shoots close to home, less driving and babysitting hours. This cute 2 week old baby C. was as cute as can be. Her Mom and I spent quite some time getting to stay sleeping, but she did great. I loved that the Mom had a ton of cute blackens and other fun baby girl accessories to do pictures with I will absolutely miss the girly stuff when I do get a chance to do some newborn shoots of our soon to be new addition baby Q.

Here are some from our session... hope to see you guys again





Sunday, July 18, 2010

Firefighter Birthday Party

Last week-end I was hired by one of my regular customers Miss. A to come take pictures at a Firefighter Birthday Party as a present to a 3 year old Mr.B. 

What a Lucky Boy! That was the coolest Birthday Party I have ever been to. All the kids and parents were able to climb and explore the firetrucks AND Get a ride in it with the sirens and lights on. That was a pretty amazing Birthday Party. I bet Little Mr. B will always remember it and will have pictures to prove it.

It was a fun out of the ordinary Photo shoot for me too. They said that Mr. B. was hard to take pictures of, but I did not notice. All I could see that a kid was happy and I captured it.




 Now Friends of the Family





Tuesday, July 6, 2010

O. Family

Last week I was suppose to go to Sundance for a photo shoot with this family, but it looked like it was raining there so we stopped at my most favorite photo place here in Lehi. I absolutely LOVE this place and I Absolutely loved taking pictures of this good looking family. It is a nice change to have a brake from cute little toddlers and take pictures of kids that stay in place and listen to you.







M. Family

Last week I I got a chance to photograph my Sister In Law Josie Sister's Family. We had lost of fun at Gardner village. I love getting to know more of my extended family's family.

 After we took family and individual pictures I offered some pictures together of siblings. Little did I know that siblings at this age can't stand more then 4 feet away from each other. I guess it starts when they are toddlers, I mean screaming in the back of the van : "He is touching me", "He put his leg on me" and does not stop in the next 15 years.

 I couldn't help but post more pictures of this Gorgeous young lady.