Wednesday, October 10, 2012

C. Family. Little Cottonwood Canyon photo shoot.

This Fall season has bees super busy and fun. I love hanging out at the Canyons while I am doing my job. This year was the year of the Canyons shoots for sure. I felt like I was there couple time a week, ether shooting photos or bringing my own family to enjoy the beauty.

W. Family. I love these guys! I started doing their kids pictures three years ago. I still remember tiny little Mr. C. He was my first newborn that rolled over from the chest right unto the ground during his newborn shoot. His parents handled it a lot better then I did. 
This full of live little boy was showing his personality from the time he was just a newborn. Now Mr. C is a big boy, he did really good for family pictures 2012.

 Miss S. Such a doll. I think she is starting to like me, maybe.

 It was one minute after this shot that these two rolled unto the ground together. I don't handle falls well as a photographer should. Now, I am thinking it would have been fun to see one picture how they fell. My motherly instincts kick in and I am going to the risque.

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