Wednesday, February 15, 2012

baby K. pictures from newborn to nine months old

Remember this little girl from 9 months ago?

Well, she has grows a lot and gained a couple of pounds. Miss K. is a baby of a friend of mine from Ukriane she was the first to participate in a Charity mini session 50% or which will be donated to needy children and families in Ukraine this Spring.

I am glad I decided to make this blue flower before this session

Miss K.'s grandmother did not get a chance to come see her when she was born because she was denied in visa multiple times. I am glad they did not loose hope and she finally got a visa and got a chance to come see her daughter and granddaughter.

This very simple picture reminds me of pictures when I was a baby. You don't have to have much in the picture to tell the story of an affectionate grandmother and her neverending love.

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