Wednesday, November 2, 2011

F. Family

A couple of weeks ago I got to meet beautiful F. family. Both Mr. and Mrs. F served their LDS missions in Ukraine. It was great to talk a little Russian and think of home and the people there.

Mr. S was the sleepiest little guys I have photographed in a while. His Mom did a fantastic job preparing for the photo session by frequently feeding and keeping the baby awake till I got there. It worked like magic. As soon as I did our first pose he was out for good. I love it when kids cooperate.

We got a lot done during this session. Enjoy your pictures. Send some to Ukraine!

What a beautiful family. Enjoy your new bundle of joy. Pretty soon you will look back at these pictures and think:(I am quoting myself) " he was so little, where did the time go and how come my baby is all grown up?".

Proud Daddy with his son. Love it.

There are lots of favorites, but the pumpkin baby is the winner!

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