Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Give me everything hold nothing back!!!

I am browsing other photography sites today and have noticed something that makes my business different from any other photographers.

A lot of photographers will advertise  their starting price, and don't get me wrong I do it too, BUT the BIG difference is that I include EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in that price. Basically EVERYTHING. Let's LIST.

1.My time during the session (I say 1,5 to two hours but most of you that had me at your house had me there for longer that that).
2. Hours of editing, color, B&W, artistic and antique (a lot of times twice as long as the session it).
3. DVD with ALL edited (now High resolutin) pictures.
4. FREE announcement for newborn pictures.
5. Free collages (I spent hours making some of them).
6. And The most Expensive thing that other photographers change from $300 to $600 is a Permission to print.

ALL of that is included in my price.

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