Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grow with Endless Memories Packages for babies from newborn to one year old

I was sitting here thinking of a way to make photography more affordable. A lot of people have no idea why photography is costing so much and a lot think that we as photographers make a LOT. 

So I wanted to explain. If I count all the hours NOT including preparing for a photo shoot, but just driving, shooting, editing and posting I will be lucky if I make $ 10 an hour for a regular photo shoot and about $5 an hour for discounted photo shoot. So there you go, high payed photographers actually make less then a cashier at walmart ( I am not sure how much they make, that is just a guess).

Anyways, when it all comes down to, if it was just for the money I wouldn't be doing it. I LOVE my job, weather I am doing it for $10 an hour for for FREE I LOVE IT! I guess it is the joy and memories that I get to bring to those around me that makes me stay in this business.

 So here are the details on the Grow with Endless Memories Package.

It includes 5 photo sessions.

Newborn session  1 to 1,5 hour

Three months old session 45 min

Six month old session  45 min

Nine months old session  45 min

One year old session 1 hour.

All sessions will include all good pictures from your session and the permission to print for one person.

Cost: $375 upfront ( that makes each session $75)

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  1. So, is your specialty babies? You have some cery darling pictures!