Monday, October 24, 2011

T. Brothers

Here are some handsome T. boys that I had a chance to meet a week and a half ago. Yes it has been that long. I have been doing so many photo shoots this season, it has been GREAT! I am loving my Job and people I meet. I just need to catch up with editing and life will be good again.

I am famous for over scheduling myself with work and other activities in my life. I can't say no to a family photo session when the weather is so good. I also try not to leave my family and kids behind because I have to work. So I over schedule, that is what I do and I am so GOOD at it.


Look at this chubby one year old! I just want to squish those soft cheeks.


I have been playing around with Vintage and even thought it is not quite my style, I am warming up to it little by little.



P.S. Don't forget to click on each picture and go to Flickr to see a high resolution images from this session. I am sure Blogger is going to cut half of the megabits from these shots and make me mad again. I really can't wait for a real web site.

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