Friday, January 29, 2010

Baby E.

Last Tuesday I met this cutest little 3 month old beauty Miss E. I have been looking for a baby that age to do some wide awake close up shots, and I think these worked out just the way I wanted. Miss. E's Mom told me that not a lot of places wanted a 3 month old baby for a photo shoot.And I guess Yes, they are no newborns that will let you mold them in various shapes, and yes trying to do 3 month old pics in a blessing dress can be a challenge, BUT look at what personality they bring !!! These wide bright eyes are to die for. Baby E, kept lifting her legs up when she was in the stroller and chewing on her dress, but those are the most fun pictures I think that you can frame.
I think any baby ages is good for photo shoots, there is always something that you can do with particular time of baby's development, you just need to use it creatively.

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